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05 January 2010 @ 06:54 pm
2010, bring it!  
Lately, I've found myself welcoming thinking sessions by myself. Well, to be quite honest about it, I've spent some time alone at home. Other than the usual distractions, technically, I didn't have a choice. I've been digging deeper within myself and this time I would claim that it's not useless overthinking. I've been reassessing my life and my lifestyle, and I've arrived at a conclusion that I would have to undergo certain necessary changes. I'm not getting any younger and sooner than later I would have to become a tad bit more grown up as I grow older.

First on my list, I would have to live healthier. It doesn't necessary mean just undergoing a diet scheme but more of I have to take care of myself more. Too emo to say, but I have to take care of myself because I can't expect anyone to do that for me. Starting 2010, I've decided to get back into shape. I will be going back to the gym, this time not just on a whim. I don't intend to get all buffed and vain anyway. I just want to keep my body active and a little bit more flexible (haha). Going back to playing sports is a definite addition to my course of action. Aside from that, I would also have to pay more attention to what I eat and drink. I'm not saying that I will deprive myself of the good stuff, but basically just maintain a more balanced diet. That being said, I would also have to lessen my intake of alcohol and limit the number of cigarettes I smoke. I know, I know. Smoking and drinking are my biggest vices. It would be a challenge definitely but I love myself enough to take the necessary adjustments to make sure that I live a healthier lifestyle.

Second, I have to learn to manage my finances effectively. I've developed a system somehow. I have decided to allot about 30-50% of my earnings every payday to go into a savings account. Of course, the first step would have to be taken, which is to open that damn account. This weekend will be the first payout of the year and I will walk into the bank this Friday and make sure I open an account before I spend my money on anything else. Aside from that, a big chunk of my everyday expenses go to buying Starbucks coffee and taking cab rides. I think the latter is much more important, so I've decided not to include Starbucks coffee in my everyday routine. I'm not saying I won't buy coffee anymore, just not on a daily basis. Not anymore. Or I could get my driver's license.

Third, I've decided to be more learned. I would have to find time for reading. I still have a lot of books that I acquired in 2008 that I have yet to start with. Add to that the ones I got over the holidays. On top of that, I will commit myself to learning a new skill or hobby this year. That part I haven't decided yet. A new sport ain't bad.

Fourth, I have to be more family-oriented. I have to admit, not being with my family over the holidays did strike a nerve or two. I do realize that there is a certain distance between myself and my family. I have to find time to spend with them more. But of course, I don't believe that being physically together is enough to bridge the gap. I would have to be more engaging and be more open to my family. I am contemplating on officially coming out to them. Funny, I never even thought I would actually consider sitting down with my parents and siblings to talk about my sexual preference. It's all good.

Lastly, I have to take my job more seriously. It's not that I don't. I love my job and I haven't been slacking off. I wouldn't have been getting my promotions at this rate if I didn't perform my best. What I'm trying to say is I have to look the part as well. I'm someone whom people look up to in the office. I mean I'm not the top person on the corporate ladder but there are employees who do look up to me and of course there are also colleagues and bosses who observe how I am. That being said, an image shift is definitely necessary. I would have to dress up more. Not really corporate outfits, but I need to dress up in business casual. Of course, I would have to update my wardrobe, and this is the exciting part. I have decided to invest in slacks, polos, collared shirts, belts, leather shoes, dress socks, etc. I would also have to invest in a watch, which I'm not really too keen on but it helps with the image. Aside from the look, I also have to act the part. I have decided not to bend certain policies in the office. I have to set an example for the people looking up to me. This part would be a challenge definitely as I am one of the pasaway in the office. Either way, I'm determined to be a better leader and employee.

Whew! That's a lot of things I want to accomplish for 2010. Funny how things turn out once thoughts are put into writing. :)
girlnextshore on January 5th, 2010 01:19 pm (UTC)

I’m home 17th April – 2nd May =D Come let’s do some nice dinners with healthy drinks and healthy smokes! =D

1st – Healthy is the way to go. Flexible, not flabs-able.
2nd – you can do it my dear. 30-50% of your earnings in a savings account is absolutely worth the sacrificial coffee.
3rd – My goal this year is 1 book a week too!
4th – Good luck w/ the coming out if that happens my dear. If all fails you know you can always introduce me as your girlfriend =D
5th – I find that when I have a nice outfit I like and wear it to work I feel super productive. ;)

etherisch on January 11th, 2010 08:24 am (UTC)
we should! can't wait for april :) i miss you soooo much